Posted by: Artandsoulnj | April 2, 2010

are we there yet?

Like most who are familiar with it, my first experience with Matrix Energetics was at a seminar. As I mentioned, the state is intentionally highly charged so the experience will be noticed by our energetic fields as well as our bodies. Let’s face it, between the human dramas we’ve created and witness, and the myriad of wireless technology, there’s a lot that’s vying for our attention! The immersion in this charged atmosphere, gives our bodies a reference point for entrainment. That sounds complicated, but it isn’t really. In a way, it’s how I learned to knit.

When I first began knitting, I was awkward and all thumbs as I tried to understand what I was doing. I was trying so hard to knit that my shoulders were all scrunched up, I was breathing shallowly, and I kept dropping the wool before I could successfully wrap it around the needles. (Sound familiar?) After quite a few awkward attempts, I noticed that my body’s tension was a huge obstacle to what I was doing. I realized that the stitches would flow if I would let go of the need to ‘do it right’. When I took my focus off of my hands and allowed my shoulders to relax into what I was doing, I found that I was breathing more deeply and my mind quieted. You might recognize this as getting into the zone. In other words, I stopped trying.

Stitches began to form with ease as I developed a rhythm. It was letting go of my need to figure out how the wool and needles worked to create a stitch, that would cumulatively create a garment of some sort. I was no longer ‘doing’ knitting; I was knitting. With practice, my body recognized how knitting felt as this experience was encoded into it for reference. My hands knew what to do as if they had a mind of their own. This is known as ‘body memory’.

When I returned home and back to my life, I had that ‘seminar high’ and wondered how to not only retain what I felt but how to apply all that I’d learned – which I later came to understand is ‘remembered’. I was trying too hard and all in my head about it. It took practice, during which time I admittedly returned to seminars, but I realized that the first and most important step to this process is simply being in your heart.

At first I would ‘drop down into my heart’ by visualizing myself getting into an elevator on the top floor of a building (my mind) and watch the elevator descending by observing the numbers above the doors, until I reached my destination (my heart). I observed my shoulders relaxing as I descended until the elevator stopped. When the doors opened, I stepped out into a beautiful vista. (For me this is usually the meadow at Yosemite.) I noticed that I would always let out a long sigh as I stepped out of the elevator which indicated that I’d arrived in a different space – the heart space. Sometimes on checking in with myself, my shoulders felt tense, so I’d get back on the elevator because my mind was still too engaged and I’d gotten off at the wrong floor! With practice, I began to find myself going into my heart more often than when playing in the field of Matrix Energetics. It was easy to do when I was happy or positive but we all know that life isn’t always like that. I was presented with lots of opportunity to literally walk my talk with ME when life became challenging. (A teaser for future blogs…)

Being ‘all heart’ isn’t 24-7 for me yet. Sometimes I blip out  or respond on auto pilot. As I continued to observe where I put my attention, or ‘notice what I notice’, I developed a different set of awareness muscles. I find more often than not, I now step back from highly charged situations and observe what is happening from a detached point of view, staying completely grounded with access to the wisdom of my heart. From this place I retain objectivity and have outcomes that are more in alignment with what I intend to create for myself, rather than outcomes shrouded in fears based on old patterns and beliefs. Eventually, I noticed that going into my heart space has morphed into being my heart.

Bringing this into my everyday life has been easier than I thought. There are opportunities everywhere to play with what I’ve  learned to remember at ME seminars. My daily walk with the dog is now a practice in consciously ‘being my heart’. Engaging from this point of observation, I notice that cars stop to allow me to cross the street (an anomaly in our town!) and our dog is much calmer and not lunging randomly at those we pass. Driving in this state of awareness makes for a more fluid experience for the most part, with green lights, clear intersections, and readily available parking no matter what time of day or year it is. What used to be ‘different’ is now the norm. When there is traffic or a so-called glitch, I notice it as different, check in with my awareness (am I heart-based?) and then notice what else is different in my awareness. This is, by the way, a two-point in ME terminology, since what I am actually doing is taking a measurement of two points!

When Richard speaks of Matrix Energetics as a consciousness technology, he states that it isn’t a ‘modality’, which so many of us who are drawn to ME are familiar with being predominantly in the field of “energy work.” This isn’t to say that it’s outside of  who we are either. In fact, it’s exactly who we are. Richard is just presenting it to us all in a playful manner not only to get our attention, but to help us remember our true nature as human beings. We’ve just forgotten.

By engaging with reality from the point of awareness that is heart-based,  every moment is an opportunity to play. And guess what? The universe is playing back!


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