Posted by: Artandsoulnj | April 6, 2010

following the breadcrumbs, uh, links

Tuesday, 4.6.10

Planning my day yesterday inspired me to make a list of everything I intended to accomplish this week. I allowed for the opportunity to take time for pauses (aka naps, which are only ever 20 minutes!) and of course, writing. So far, it’s working beautifully. Major tasks have already been moved through today and I have time to sit and write here. Eliminating the ‘rigid’ points that would have otherwise have held me up in moving through all that I wanted to accomplish has been a major bonus for me! I find myself much more relaxed and able to take time to walk. I would still like to be able to plan out my daily blogging so it continues to be enjoyable, and not turn into a chore. And that brought up the next topic.

After this weekend’s experience of not being able to write in the car because, guess what??? After all these years of being able to read in the car, apparently I cannot work on a laptop. I get carsick! Yuck. With that, I scrambled to meet my self-imposed deadline of daily blogging, which isn’t all that difficult since I journal with my morning coffee. I realized, however, that there will be times that I am not able to post the blog from the road. I was also concerned about the authenticity of this being truly a daily blog of how I create my experiences using Matrix Energetics.

It occurred to me that if there is no linear time, there is only all-time as physicists have hypothesized. We created linear time as a way to measure our experiences. Taking that one step further for consideration, if we consider Einstein’s theory of relativity discussing space-time, as a way to locate us in this physical experience, we are then the consummate two-point!

We have several busy weekends  the kids during the next two months, requiring lots of drivetime. I have to meet my commitment to myself to publish daily. I dropped that pebble, or intention, into the proverbial pond (or in this case, the Unified Field) yesterday and let go of any attachment to how I might accomplish this.

And, I completely forgot about it.

Last night, while surfing the internet, following the ‘breadcrumbs’ of links, I found myself on a website that provides tips on blogging, of all things. I hadn’t started out looking for that!

As I scrolled down the list of articles in the site’s archives, I noticed there was a piece that talked about the new WordPress updates, which is the host of this blog. It began rather stilted in its presentation, but as I continued reading, I started to get excited. Half way into the article was a whole discussion of how to post pieces on a blog and have it programmed for a future publication date. Here was the solution to what I’d put out to the Field! That was quick!

At the Matrix Energetics Philadelphia seminar last month, Richard (Bartlett) noted that the Universe is always talking to us. It’s up to us to pay attention.

For as long as my husband knows me (33 years), he has said that I see patterns and coincidences where most people don’t. When Richard mentioned that about the Universe, I knew it to be true or I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this now.

What do you intend to create?


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