Posted by: Artandsoulnj | April 30, 2010


As I sit at the computer to write this entry, the Matrix Energetics Contemplation Card (from the Sounds True Matrix Energetics Experience boxed set) is on my desk next to me. The card facing up is No. 7 – THERE IS NO TIME.

It reads: There is no time. The passage of time is really an illusion. When we take time to observe a condition or problem as being different, it simply means our individual rules define exactly how long or how much something has to change in order to notice it. You can create a reality where you say, ‘even if I don’t notice anything changing in this moment, change always occurs.

With that in mind I return to my daily blog after the passage of the last two weeks, letting go of guilt that I didn’t stick with my commitment. It felt like I couldn’t have written here, or anywhere if I wanted to. I haven’t even journaled with my morning coffee at 5am.

So what have I been doing in this ‘no time zone’? Have I continued living Matrix Energetics? I don’t think we ever stop – remember, this is our birthright: to create our reality. Whether we do so consciously or unconsciously is our choice. And I’ve discovered that living consciously means we have to stop and look at what we are creating sometimes, to see where we want to go with it next.

I didn’t intend to step out of blogging for this brief moment. It was a ‘download’…. I knew I had to literally stay off of the computer to allow for information shifting in my holographic hard drive. I know that sounds incredibly ‘out there’ to anyone who is reading this that might not be familiar with Matrix Energetics, esoteric teachings, or quantum physics. Sometimes, it’s even a stretch for me! But there were a lot of things going on in my life and that of my family, and we were all spinning off lots of parallel universes, (thank you for the confirmation, Elaine!) wreaking havoc on our own energy.

I, for one, kept jumping in and out of several parallels in my attempt to create the ‘next phase’ of our lives together. It felt like the old Ed Sullivan show with the guy who had five plates spinning on rods simultaneously and would run to those slowing down, and put another ‘spin’ on them. (Oh, how I’m dating myself!)

With our daughter graduating college in several weeks and moving into the next phase of her life, she is rightfully creating parallels. My husband is weighing options for his career path and so he too is in some parallel uinverses exploring the ‘future’.

And last weekend, when we went to our son’s school for the Spring Family Weekend, I discovered that Zack has been avoiding doing his homework in evening Structured Study Hall and fallen seriously behind in turning in assignments. (He says he is tired). I remotely checked to see what he was doing, and saw that he was sleeping with his eyes open! When I asked him about it, he was startled to learn that I could ‘see’ what he was up to. (I still has some tricks up my sleeve!) We talked about him leaving aspects of himself in these parallels and not having enough energy or attention span to participate in the reality we are in here and now, where he needs to pay attention and do his work. No more flipping into different dimensions and realities. We had to close down some, call back his aspects, and integrate what he learned in those experiences. It was a long weekend.

As for my own experiences, in addition to jumping in and out of those of my family, I had to adjust the speed of the passage of time there so I could manage my own energy levels here. My physical experience was like a car driven at high speeds with the wheels being out of alignment, causing the steering wheel to vibrate. Coincidentally, on my car’s 60,000 mile tune-up last week, this was exactly what was happening and a great out-picturing of my reality here in 3D. When I went in to look at this holographically, some things needed to be slowed down, while others needed to be brought up to speed. And then, most important of all, I let go of my attachment to the outcome.

Which, by the way, was the theme of all the family group meetings during last weekend! Talk about overlapping universes!

With this tune-up, everything now feels like it moving more smoothly.


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