Posted by: Artandsoulnj | February 22, 2011


In spite of the choice to write about my experiences and what I’ve learned about how we create our lives, what crept in over the past months was a long standing  fear of everyone ‘really seeing’ me, and falling short of my own expectations of myself.


But, so what?


Could what anyone else thinks or believes to be true about me be any worse than the things that I already tell myself and have been doing so for nearly my entire life? Even more, could what anyone thinks be any worse than what I unconsciously create for myself in response to my fears? Funny how things turn out.


How I choose to live my life requires that I am conscious of not only what I do but what I think. (At my age, you’d think I was already, well, doing this.) Because I stepped onto this path of healing and self discovery years ago, I’m so aware of my thoughts and feelings that sometimes I feel like an explorer in my own world — seeing, feeling, and hearing everything for the first time. And now that I help others do the same, I have more of a responsibility to be true and transparent. In other words, it is important to walk my talk and let go of my self-imposed limiting beliefs.


opening the door wide

I am in unchartered territory here. Yes, I will be talking (mostly to myself) about some things that may seem unusual to most people, but who knows? Maybe it will get you to thinking about what’s showing up in your life, too, and how you are participating in it in a way that might not have occurred to you before. Heck, I’m STILL surprised at what shows up and I have been playing with creating and supporting change on the quantum level for several years now!


But I know this much is true because my life is a testament to this fact: if we truly wish to make the worrld a better place for our children and all who follow, it is time for us to take responsibility for what we are creating, each and every one of us.


And as cliched as it might be, I know from personal experience that there is no other way to effect change than to BE THE CHANGE.


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